ESL Listening Practice for Self Study

If you're looking for upper-intermediate to advanced level listening practice the Internet is awash with opportunities. This page will show you how to get organised with the iTunes and then offer suggestions to visit.

ESL listening practise using iTunes
If you're looking for ideas for self-study activities a great place to start is to use podcasts. If this is a technology you have little experience of see our introduction to podcasting for English teachers.

iTunes is a piece of software you can use to to subscribe to a podcasting service allowing you to episodes as soon as they get published - automatically without doing a thing. Take our own Splendid Speaking podcast. Here's an example if you're new to our website:

Subscribing to Splendid Speaking and other podcasts on Apple's iTunes is pretty straightforward and it's also completely free!

1. Download iTunes here (look out for 'iTunes Download now' or something similar):

2. With iTunes installed they simply subscribe to Splendid Speaking
by going to this address:
This will then start iTunes and open up the Splendid Speaking
page in the iTunes directory. Clicking the 'Subscribe' button will download the Splendid Speaking podcast as it becomes available each week.

Your students can then listen to the recording on a PC or, if they use a
compatible MP3 player, on the move wherever and whenever they have
the time!

And if your students subscribe to the Splendid Speaking Newsletter
they'll also be able to follow the recording with their free
transcripts. Here's the Newsletter link to give them:

Examples of Podcasts

Art a GoGo
Baltic Mill Podcasts
Museum of Modern Art

Beauty Therapy
General Human Anatomy

Learn Out Loud Business Podcasts
Flying Start

Computer weekly
Ask the Techies
Learn Out Loud Computing Podcasts

Design News
Engineering News

Essential Skills
NIACE Podcasts
Learn Out Loud Vocabulary Building Podcasts

Marketing and Promotional
Huddersfield University
Southampton University News
Ulster University

Tips from the Top Floor
One-Minute Movie
Simply DV Video Podcast or
Photoshop Radio
Two-Minute Photoshop

Public Service
West Midlands Police
St John's Ambulance First Aid
West Yorkshire Police

Pupil/Student Podcasts
St Clare's School of English
Downs FM
Student Tips
Learning to Go

Science Podcasts
Maths to Go
Is all about Maths
The Naked Scientist

Get Psyched
BBC Sportsweek
General Human Anatomy
The Sun: Bell & Mitchelson's Laughable World of Football,,2006240000-2006230506,00.html
Endurance Radio Audio
Learn Out Loud Health and Fitness Podcasts

Learn out Loud Travel podcasts
My Travel Reviews
BT Podshow
iToors Podcasts

General Podcast Directories
Podcast Blaster
Learn Out Loud
BBC Podcasts
Podcast Alley
Recap's podcasts for educators
UK Podcasts