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Try these speaking activities to help develop your communication skills.

Improve your English fluency skills with chunks
Words often form part of fixed expressions. Being able to call on these 'chunks' of vocabulary will improve your fluency skills.
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Learn advanced English vocabulary
Get the most out of Splendid Speaking. Use our free materials to help improve your advanced English vocabulary with our suggested activities.
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Subscribe to Podcasts for listening practice
Listening to native speakers is a great way to help improve your own advanced-level speaking skills. And it's never been easier with podcasts.
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Practise English conversation
If you're a self-study student and need help in finding speaking partners for exams or general interest, try our Splendid Speaking group on Facebook.
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Practise English phrases on Twitter
If you're interested in seeing English phrases used in context and would like to practise them yourself, find out more about our Twitter Challenge!
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Improve fluency skills and your use of idiomatic English
Peter offers advice in a discussion with IELTS Podcast.
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