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This page will introduce our community on Facebook, a place to practise your advanced English speaking skills.

Use our Facebook group to practise your English conversation skills
Practice, practice practice! There's nothing like being able to practise your English conversation skills to improve your confidence in using the language. To help you do this we've set up a group on the popular social networking site, Facebook so you can meet up with other advanced learners of English who are looking to practise their speaking skills.

Getting started
Get instructions on how to join our Splendid Speaking group on Facebook. Once you've created an account get a Skype address. Learn how to use Skype for language practice with our guide for EFL/ESL teachers.

Suggested activities
1) Post a welcome message in one of the discussion forums in the Splendid Speaking group explaining your reasons for studying English.
2) Read posts from other members and make contact with people doing the same exam as you.
3) Practise your English conversation skills by arranging short 'getting to know you' chats such as those that appear in paired interviews.
4) Try one of our exam tasks with your new contact.
5) Try a discussion task or make a presentation using one of the exercises in our 'Get Speaking' task sheets. Ask your partner for feedback using our grade sheet.
6) Join our new Splendid Speaking page Facebook, another way to connect with exam students.

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