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To help you learn the kind of advanced English vocabulary found in conversations and discussions, this page will show you how to make use of this week's listening and speaking materials on the Splendid Speaking website. Don't forget to come back each week and continue as we update the materials.

Using our recordings and Get Speaking task sheets
1) Download our weekly task sheet and make sure you understand all the listed advanced English vocabulary in the 'Language' section.

advanced english vocabulary practice

2) Listen to the featured recording of the week which corresponds to the current weekly task sheet. Listen to the talk the first time for general understanding (without transcripts) to see if you hear any of the listed vocabulary. As you listen make a note of any other words or expressions used by the student(s) you hear that you're unfamiliar with.

splendid speaking recording

Listen a second time using the transcripts if necessary to check the spelling and use of any of the words you heard.

3) Try to incorporate some of this advanced vocabulary into your own use of English. If you're looking for practice opportunities try the exercise we publish in the Get Speaking task sheet . If you're not part of a class and are working alone, discover how to find speaking partners online using our Facebook group. (See below)

Using Splendid Expressions
Each day we publish 3 common colloquial expressions.

Many expressions have at least two key words:
eg. work one's fingers to the bone.
'fingers' and 'bone' are the key words. You need to get both key words correct or the expression doesn't work! Our daily quiz tests you on BOTH key words. Then to help you remember the expression, we encourage you to personalise it by using the phrase to describe something that has relevance to your life.

Finally, if you need to record all this advanced English vocabulary, sign up to the Splendid Speaking Student Newsletter for a quiz on all the expressions that appear on the website each week.

Practising your new advanced English vocabulary
If you're a self-study student and need help in finding speaking partners try our Splendid Speaking group on Facebook. You'll find people preparing for many different exams as well as those simply wishing to improve their English speaking skills.

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