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It's never been easier for language students to get feedback on their speaking skills. With a cheap microphone and computer you can record yourself in seconds and then publish the recording to the Internet. Send your friends or teacher the link to your short talk and ask them for their comments. Alternatively, advertise your recording on the Splendid Speaking group on Facebook.

There are several ways of getting your voice on the web. Try this tutorial using Podomatic.

And if you want to keep up-to-date with other people's podcasts you'll want to subscribe. Try this Splendid Speaking Guide on podcast subscription with Netvibes. (PDF)

Topic Ideas

If you're preparing for an examination, download a sample paper from the exam board website and try one of the individual tasks. If you can get together with a friend, record both of you doing a two-way task. If you use Skype and have a partner to speak with, try doing the task over the Internet.

Keep a daily or weekly diary. Spend a couple of minutes each time recording your thoughts. If you're studying abroad at present or have friends or family living in another country who speak English, what a great way to keep them updated about your life!

Record a review of the latest book you've read or film you've seen.

Share your experiences of learning English with a regular study tip or simply share your thoughts about being a student of English!

Tell the world about your country: its food, its customs, places of interest or famous people.

Share that fascinating hobby or interest of yours with the world!

Send us the link

We plan to link to students' recordings from Splendid Speaking. If you'd like to be included, please contact us and send us the link. (Please do not send us audio files.)

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